About City Kids

We are a group of parents who used to go out and enjoy the city.

Our lives changed when we had children. Now, we struggle to balance work, home, kids, homework and the occasional me time.

Weekends come and go.  We end up creating the same crafts, visiting the usual parks and spending a fair amount of time online; searching for ideas on what to do with our children.

It is important for us to spend time together as a family.  We want to create meaningful memories with our children, share our lifestyle and enjoy our free time together.

We created this app/ blog because we know you are just like us.

We would love to hear from you; to know what you like to do; where you like to go… did we miss your favorite place?… Let us know!.

We want to inspire you to go out, explore the city and most importantly have fun.

¡Welcome to Citykids!